WORKSHOP 7: Trusted AI in Action - World Summit AI Amsterdam
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How do you build and deliver trusted and respectful AI for employees, clients, and a better society Come discover our techniques!


The need of the hour:

  • Positive impact on society: AI is a new industrial revolution, strongly impacting business models, technologies, and society. This most recent revolution must now be particularly considered when envisioning business transformation (to avoid reproducing the negative outcomes of the past)
  • Stop Discrimination: Beyond well-known challenges (such as skills, data usages, scale-up, and so on), AI has no choice but to be—by design—trusted (that is, fair, reliable, governed), to face the main ethical issues of discrimination / bias, explicability, privacy, and environment impact among others.

See trusted AI in Action:

Capgemini has developed concrete solutions to make your AI trusted with our:

  • Operational set-up (including governance, oversight framework, risk/impact analysis, cultural shift), and
  • Technical assets (such as bias analysis, models explicability, and data set anonymization).

Empower your AI strategy:

Trusted AI is a cornerstone for Capgemini when helping organizations Activate AI to improve their existing business, through new propositions, markets, and services. Come explore trusted AI in action with us!

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