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WORKSHOP 17: Data Science in a Day

Data science in a day is an introduction for business leaders without previous technical and programming experience. Participants will build in Python data science models and apply them in a concrete and fun way. During the course we’ll help a successful retired business leader to build his wine cultivation business leveraging a data driven approach. […]

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WORKSHOP 16: Leading an AI-powered organisation: stop talking, start doing

Are you tired of all talk, but no action with AI? Are you ready to transform your organisation beyond the buzzwords to _be_ data-driven? This session will help you to start harnessing the power of AI for your whole organisation. There is a difference between organisations using AI applications and those that are actually powered […]

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WORKSHOP 15: Talk of the Geeks: Geeks of the World, Unite!

Geeks of the World: Unite! Join the SAS Talk of the Geeks workshop at World Summit AI on October 10 in Taets Zaandam. During 5 minute talks SAS Geeks will deep dive into the technical details on how to go from image data to a full working web application driven by an image classification model. […]

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WORKSHOP 13: Responsible AI: How AI model choices impact your entire business

Machine learning and artificial intelligence are the next big thing in almost any market sector. Organizations strive to incorporate these techniques as much as possible. However, AI and ML models pose new risks, for example to reputation, and performance is not always as expected. When developing and incorporating AI within your organization, several model choices […]

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Hear from World Summit AI’s pick of the best AI startups making waves in 2019.

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