WORKSHOP 6: Perform AI for CPR: AI as the new Servant for Consumer Brands, Retailers, and Customers - World Summit AI Amsterdam
Written by inspiredmindsadm

The consumer products and retail business landscape is virtually unrecognizable from that of just one or two decades ago. Companies cannot rely on the tactics that brought them success in the past. This new environment calls for a radically new approach – one that is pragmatic yet innovative, rigorous but efficient, swift and sustainable. Insights-based decisioning, which leverages data, AI and advanced analytics to improve organizational decision-making, holds great promise for helping businesses more accurately anticipate market shifts, better understand business dynamics, predict customer behaviors, and manage risk. In this session we will demonstrate real-life examples of the added value of AI to truly understand the consumer’ needs and occasions, to deliver seamless cross-channel experiences, to engage via human-like dialogues and to drive consumer-driven supply.

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