WORKSHOP 18: AI in Education: From personalized programs to interconnected campuses - World Summit AI Amsterdam
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Through the history of times, education has always been the underlying foundation for economic growth, innovation, and societal advancements. What used to be a norm – filling a classroom with students who would follow a lecture and try to catch in their notebooks everything the professor would present – is not working anymore. To have the maximum outcome of the educational efforts, content needs not only to reflect the modern reality but also be personalized and tailored to the learning capabilities for students with all abilities.

With the application of Artificial Intelligence, educational institutions now can analyze the learning patterns among their students – their level of knowledge, the ways they learn best, and the triggers of disruption in processing content.

Join Women in AI on the 10th of October at World Summit AI for a panel discussion about innovative practices in the field of Education and how AI is changing the industry.

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