Process for booking your stand at The Accelerator:

>> Step 1: Check you qualify. Pods at The Accelerator can only be booked by start-ups who meet the qualifying criteria:

  • Company age: 0-5 years old or launching its first product
  • Investment: Seed funding, series A
  • Company size: 1-15

*The Accelerator is a separate exhibition area within the entire World Summit AI venue. This floorplan is subject to change, and World Summit AI reserves the right to make this change subject to operational or logistical requirements at any point. Changes will be communicated and best efforts will be made to maintain your selected positioning.

>> Step 2: Click the button below to view The Accelerator floorplan here ⇓

View Floorplan Here >>

>> Step 3: IF you meet the Startup Criteria – select the best position to showcase your brand by selecting an available Standard or Premium Pod and clicking the blue “Buy” button

>> Step 4: Complete all of the details required and follow the process through to completion, including payment

>> Step 5: Receive your confirmation, complete your Company profile as an exhibitor & the World Summit AI Customer Success Manager will confirm your reservation directly onboard you as an OFFICIAL Accelerator Partner

The Accelerator @World Summit AI

Get ready to elevate your AI game at World Summit AI 2024, where The Accelerator is not just a space; it’s an innovation spectacle! πŸš€

After the thunderous success of 2023, we’ve decided to go BIGGER and BETTER this year.

Imagine rubbing shoulders with 7000 of the brightest minds in AI from around the globe – it’s a symphony of innovation waiting to happen! In a sea of brilliance that massive, making the right connections might seem daunting, but fear not! Book your Pod at The Accelerator – our tried and tested expo tailored for start-ups, scale-ups, and unicorns like yourself.

No more getting lost in the crowd; let The Accelerator be your spotlight. It’s not just about being seen; it’s about being unforgettable. Picture this: your brand resonating with the audience; at the expo, engaging in meaningful conversations that could reshape your business trajectory. These aren’t just connections; they’re game-changers.

Whether you hunger for investment, crave funding, seek mentorship, dream of partnerships, or aspire to be associated with industry titans, The Accelerator has got your back.

Secure your pod now for two days of unparalleled exposure, and if you’re feeling extra bold, snag a speaking slot in the vibrant city of Amsterdam.

Get ready for the ultimate fusion of networking and learning – it’s not just an event; it’s your ticket to the future! 🌐✨
#AccelerateYourPotential #WSAI2024

>> Make invaluable connections for your business in the quickest and easiest way possible

>> Be SEEN by all the right people

>> No more fighting for attention in the big expo – this is a dedicated arena that we’ll be inviting VCs, Investors, Big tech companies, Corporates & Enterprises and Consultants too

>>It’s THE place to secure investment

Booking is now LIVE! So… Act FAST to get first dibs on the best positions on the floor and on stage.Β 


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