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We’ll pack the agenda with groundbreaking presentations from across business and science, hot-off-the-press AI announcements, heated panels , lots of lovely tech workshops, coding classes and more.

As always, in conjunction with Ada-AI, we’ll place a BIG focus on #AI4Good to make sure that wonderfully capable technological methods like deep learning and machine learning are developed in a way that makes the world a better place.



AI IN ACTION – USE CASES Real-life use cases from the top AI brains in enterprise and big tech, explaining how AI is redefining their business paradigms, why and how they are successfully implementing AI, the hurdles and challenges they face, and the resultant impact on their business.

DEEP DIVE TECH TALKS Hear from the world’s leading tech innovators across industry and academia on fundamental breakthroughs in neural networks, evolutionary computation, vision, robotics, expert systems, speech processing, natural language processing, planning and machine learning. Genuinely ground-breaking new innovations in AI soon to go into full-scale application. 

AI UNDER THE HOOD Join our hands-on workshops and do everything from starting your own AI experiment to deploying machine learning models to gain insight from data.

STARTUP, SCALEUPS & UNICORNS Editorial picks of the agile technologists who are innovating at pace and creating entirely new models for AI application. Learn from the people who have done it before, the CEOs, founders and investors who can tell you how to navigate your startup.

ETHICAL AND FAIR AI The latest guidance, developments and practical approaches to build frameworks for start-ups and experts creating AI solutions to integrate the ethical consideration of AI and machine learning. Whether you are encumbered with legacy infrastructure or at the beginning of your business growth, understand what responsible AI looks like in practice and build frameworks that are safe for the future to ensure AI develops as a force for good.

NEW IN 2019!

DEVELOPERS – HANDS ON TRAINING  Get the hands on-experience you need with training sessions on AI and accelerated computing, teaching you how to apply specific concepts or techniques to your work. Learn from the tech giants making leaps and bounds to set the tone for AI game change. 

AI FOR EARTH INNOVATION Tackling some of the World’s biggest problems facing land and sea, sustainability, climate investments and energy systems using AI. Exploring how to maximise the gains for society and our environment by putting AI to work for the planet. 

AI FOR GOOD IN EDUCATION Real World examples of today and a peek into the future of how AI is beginning to alter education tools and institutions and changing what the future of education looks like. Hear from companies that are developing intelligent instruction design and digital platforms that use AI to provide learning, testing and feedback to students. The latest AI tools that are giving universal access for all students, making classrooms available to all, including those who speak different languages or who might have visual or hearing impairments. 

FINANCE SUMMIT AI: BREAKING GROUNDS IN FINTECH Sitting at the intersection of finance and AI technology, hear from the World’s leading banks, big tech and AI fintech startups on how they are disrupting the fibre of one of the world’s oldest industries. Groundbreaking AI redefining customer service, creating faster and more reliable credit scored, enabling trading and money management, impacting regulatory compliance, security and fraud prevention.

AUTO SUMMIT AI: THE FUTURE OF MOBILITY  New technical innovations and challenges in deep driving, imaging, computer vision, sensor fusion and perception for autonomous driving. Hear the latest in the revolution that is redefining how we get around our streets and skies. 

AI LEADERSHIP SUMMIT: BE DECISIVE, BE BOLD Bringing together the tech industries C-level and heads of government to create the frameworks needed for AI to deliver on its promise for a better world.

Q&A STAGE Lasting 30-40 minutes and open to all WSAI attendees, you can pick the brains of speakers who are the greatest minds in AI. Be there in person as the sessions are not recorded or broadcasted.



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