WORKSHOP 2: 890 by Capgemini: the fast track catalogue of AI in action - World Summit AI Amsterdam
Written by inspiredmindsadm

Join us to learn about Capgemini’s brand new AI & Analytics marketplace: 890 by Capgemini – A Data, Insights and Outcomes exchange. Let us show you what’s in the carefully curated catalogue of ready-to-implement AI and analytics solutions and algorithms that will kickstart your journey towards thriving on insights. Have a good look at the catalog of selected datasets, the fast track to optimally trained AI and analytics models. Above all, be inspired by the unique Outcomes catalogue, that demonstrates how to create measurable business value on top of data, AI and analytics. Then, discover our Custom AI services to develop unique and differentiating AI-powered solutions. We’ll showcase several of them too, such as an AI Demand Planning tool which helps retail chains to cut inventory levels by 25% while increasing availability and sales by 0.5%.

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