WORKSHOP 16: Leading an AI-powered organisation: stop talking, start doing - World Summit AI Amsterdam
Written by inspiredmindsadm

Are you tired of all talk, but no action with AI? Are you ready to transform your organisation beyond the buzzwords to _be_ data-driven? This session will help you to start harnessing the power of AI for your whole organisation.

There is a difference between organisations using AI applications and those that are actually powered by AI. When AI powers your organisation everything from the operations, leadership and HR to R&D and sales, will change. AI can help you to better identify and tap into organisational knowledge, improve your strategic insight and implementation, support bursting silos and fostering collaboration, help to maximise idea flows, uncover hidden facts, and speed up organisational change. 

To reclaim these hidden powers you need concrete tools that help you start creating the change. This workshop will share inspirational real-life examples of how AI is already being used to re-shape organisations, and then invite the participants to start co-creating their own AI-powered organisation with the well-established Lean Service Creation toolset. 

(Lean Service Creation is Futurice’s open-sourced approach and toolkit for co-creating the future. It consists of ways-of-workings, workshop techniques and canvases that help crystallize the change. LSC is taught by 11 universities, several books have been written and countless real-world applications within organisations.)

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