WORKSHOP 15: Talk of the Geeks: Geeks of the World, Unite! - World Summit AI Amsterdam
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Geeks of the World: Unite! Join the SAS Talk of the Geeks workshop at World Summit AI on October 10 in Taets Zaandam. During 5 minute talks SAS Geeks will deep dive into the technical details on how to go from image data to a full working web application driven by an image classification model. As a cherry on the cake, the app is available to find out how much effort is required to become the world’s uber-geek: a need to know for every (wanna-be) geek!

********** Agenda:
********** Pixel-perfect AI using image Restoration Techniques
Pasi Helenius, Principal Data Scientist, SAS

********** Image Processing
Matteo Landro, Associate Systems Engineer, SAS

********** Intelligent Decisioning
Joran Roor, Data Scientist, SAS

********** Legal Doping for your AI Model Training
Jos van Dongen, Principal Consultant, SAS

********** Lime & ICE, the secret ingredients of your AI cocktail
Véronique van Vlasselaer, Customer Advisor Decision Science, SAS

**********Hyperparameter optimization using Autotuning

Joline Jammaers, Analytical Consultant, SAS.

********** Object Detection with DLPy
Jaimy van Dijk, Data Scientist, SAS

********** First Aid Kit: Keeping AI Alive
Kaat Tastenhoye, SAS

********** Custom visualizations in Visual Analytics
Rik de Ruiter, Sr. Analytical Consultant, SAS

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