Inspired AI – Episode 2 - World Summit AI Amsterdam



THURSDAY 24th SEPTEMBER 2020 14:30 – 18:30 PM CEST

Event is running in CEST – Central European Summer Time

All sessions are followed by extended Q&A with the speakers. Your chance to get 1-2-1 time with them for 15 minutes, diving deep into anything you want to have answered!


14:30 – 15:00 (PRE-EPISODE SESSIONS)

14:30 – 15:30 – Limited availability. Book early to avoid disappointment.

Fancy 5 with Deloitte, a private consultation with Artificial Solutions, a startup mentor session with Oracle for startups, a virtual hug on bias in data from ETIQ, a pow wow on AI with Radix, a super session with SAS, a meeting of minds with the endless startups via StartupAmsterdam, a supersonic meeting with Invest in Canada | Investir au Canada, a chat on data with ScaleOps.AI, a 121 direct with the brains at KPMG, a voice convo live with Cognigy, a personal mtg with Pluralsight, a zig zag with Xilinx, a brainstorm with Brainpool AI, a discussion with Aligned Research Group LLC.

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15:00 – 15:05

WELCOME InspiredMinds!

Sarah Porter, CEO and Founder, InspiredMinds!

WELCOME and chairperson’s opening remarks

Anushka Sharma, Founder, Naaut

15:05 – 15:20

HEADLINER  How humans judge machines

César A. Hidalgo, ANITI Chair, University of Toulouse, Honorary Professor, University of Manchester, Visiting Professor, Harvard University

15:25 – 15:40

HEADLINER How noise can make us see the world better

Loubna Bouarfa, CEO & Founder, OKRA Technologies

15:45 – 16:00

TECH TALK  Dealing with unstructured and noisy data: Finding a needle in the haystack

Debjyoti Paul, Data Scientist

16:05 – 16:20

TECH TALK  AI vs. Hybrid AI: Which is the better model for machine learning?

Eyad Nawar, AGI Expert Chief AI Researcher, Humans in the Loop

16:25 – 16:40

HEADLINER Architectures for cognitive systems

Grady Booch, IBM Fellow

16:45 – 17:05

HEADLINER Is data the new currency?

JoAnn Stonier, Chief Data Officer, Mastercard

17:10 –  17:25

TECH TALK  How decoding strategies affect the verifiability of generated text

Fabrizio Slivestri, Research Scientist, Facebook AI


Chair’s closing remarks

Anushka Sharma, Founder, Naaut

17:30 – 18:30  INSPIRED AI MEET UP

Hosted by: Joel Myhre, Senior Disaster Management Specialist, Pacific Disaster Center

Network and connect with our global community of multi-disciplinary experts, business leaders, heads of government, policy makers, startups, investors, academics and media worldwide! With automated 1-2-1 chat roulette, our Networking Lounge on the platform, visiting our Cyberspace area to find virtual booths hosted by our sponsors and partners or connecting with specific contacts in a private meeting as an Inspired Citizen – cyber networking made easy.


15:40 – 15:50


Struggling to keep up with the state of AI?
New AI search technology to prevent AI and Data Science teams from going crazy.

Jakub Zavrel, Founder, Zeta Alpha

 16:25 – 17:05


The Social Dilemma: An examination of the truth

Dr. John Danaher, Senior Lecturer – School of Law, NUI Galway

Bronwyn Williams, Futurist, Economist and Business Trends Analyst

Dr. Christina Jayne Colclough, Expert Future of Work(ers) & Politics of Technology, The Why Not Lab 

Gry Hasselbalch, Co-Founder,

Dr. Alex Hanna, Sociologist and Research Scientist, Google


Ivana Bartoletti, Co-Founder, Women Leading in AI Network and Author, An Artificial Revolution