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Your Data Scientists or Machine Learning experts have developed a machine learning model which runs perfectly in your notebook? Now you want to deploy it into corporate IT to let it run “in the wild”. And a bunch of new problems comes up: How to integrate the work of your data scientists and machine learning […]

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WORKSHOP 3: Barriers to scale Data & Analytics initiatives – Deloitte

Many organizations want to succeed in embedding analysis, data and reasoning into its decision-making processes. Yet the required capabilities go far beyond technology considerations – strategic alignment, talent and leadership, business processes and the entire information lifecycle and systems need to be considered to reap the full potential of analytics. In this interactive workshop, we […]

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ROUNDTABLE 4: Growth Hack Your Startup Through Corporate Partnerships

You know your startup deserves a seat at the enterprise table. Join us to learn how to make the right impression on enterprise clients, from nailing the initial pitch to nurturing a lasting partnership.

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WORKSHOP 1: Discover the AI advantages of Canada

With a highly-skilled talent pool, a thriving start-up scene, significant multinational investment, and stimulating government incentives, Canada is at the forefront of artificial intelligence. Join us at the World Summit AI on October 9, 2019 to find out what Canada has to offer your organization in the AI ecosystem! Our featured speaker, Dr. Layla El […]

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Book signing for REBOOT: Getting to AI We Can Trust: Prof Gary Marcus, Professor of Psychology and Neural Science, New York University

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HEADLINER: Exploring new R&D progress that will shape the future of AI

In the 60 years since AI was invented, we’ve experienced bursts of AI growth interrupted by periods of AI winters. Today, we’re in a period of rapid AI advancements that are creating new opportunities and challenges for business leaders. In this presentation we will review how “AI-at-scale” can be a successful opportunity to re-invent our businesses […]

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