Startup Amsterdam

Welcome to Amsterdam. We are a city in which VCs, accelerators, incubators, universities, big tech companies, multinationals, startups and scale-ups are all connected. Together, we give shape to a thriving tech and business ecosystem. We are StartupAmsterdam. 

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FullAI works to maximise the societal benefit of artificial intelligence and strives to ensure AI is developed and used in a responsible way. FullAI is a NGO based in Amsterdam and was founded in February 2016. The organisation targets global policy frameworks and technology companies’ policies on artificial intelligence and automated systems. Though recognising AI's benefits for societies, FullAI advocates human self-determination over artificial intelligence, and human decisions over machine decisions. For more information visit:

Exponential View
Exponential View is among tech's most loved weekly newsletters. It comprehensively covers the convergence of exponential technologies and society. Exponential View is read by more than 21,000 industry leaders, and has been called "the juiciest source for what's new in the world of artificial intelligence" by Kevin Kelly.


Techstars is the global ecosystem that helps entrepreneurs build great businesses. We help accelerate the pace of innovation by strengthening the path for entrepreneurs, providing support for entrepreneurial communities, and helping to grow the worldwide entrepreneurial ecosystem.


We care for IT executives and their challenges. Caring is the new dimension of our mission, one which calls for a new way of working. Care has several different facets. Caring can involve easy access to peer feedback , exclusive insights into IT management issues or even executive training and coaching. Anything that makes IT executives feel good. That is our goal. Our focus is on developing the community by making it more interactive, better connected and, of course, bigger. We organise all kinds of activities, all with the objective of making our members grow, in knowledge, insights and skills.


Rockstart supports startups in becoming scalable by providing access to capital, market, community, and expertise. During the Summit AI in Amsterdam you will have a chance to see the inaugural batch of startups going through Europe's first AI accelerator, as well as hear from some of the best mentors and experts in the industry.


Dealroom provides data-driven intelligence on high-growth companies. Founded in 2013 in Amsterdam, Dealroom has become Europe’s leading venture capital database, tracking over 500,000 companies and 10,000 investors in Europe and beyond. Dealroom provides a 360° view via a unique data model, which combines big data and machine learning, with curation and contributions from over 10,000 local market experts. Dealroom’s clients come from around the globe and are mostly large corporates, Silicon Valley firms, private equity funds, and venture capital funds. In addition, many VCs, founders and angel investors use a free entry-level version of our product.

Ad Idem Consulting

Ad Idem Consulting are committed to being the market leader in the networking of “talent” within Artificial Intelligence. We believe the AI market will be grown via constant ‘conversations’ between the key drivers in the booming sector. Ad Idem are the Chief Brokers in the market as we have taken the time to appreciate and understand the importance of AI to the future of business and also appreciate the nature and culture of the “talent” within. Bringing the industry’s leading minds together is the only way to deliver our commitment of leading the AI Talent Market.

Startup Sesame

EUROPE'S LARGEST ALLIANCE OF TECH EVENTS. The first community of Tech event insiders. We help entrepreneurs to attend the right event at the right time.


WordLift combines semantics and A.I. technologies to grow the organic traffic of a website and improve audience engagement. Thanks to Natural Language Processing technology, WordLift analyzes articles and transforms text into metadata. Data is automatically published as Five-star Linked Open Data, opening a wide range of new opportunities.


StartupDelta is here to strenghten, connect and grow the thriving startup ecosystem of the Netherlands, making it the best place to start and accelerate innovative companies. Whether you just started your business or if you already have a successful company looking for European expansion: we are here to guide you to all the facilities the Netherlands have to offer. We focus on Dutch tech startups with a global ambition. These are companies based in The Netherlands who develop innovative services or products with a scalable business model. We are here to help you reach customers, investors and mentors. We team up with the leading events to connect you to the right people, investorsand the rest of the startup scene to facilitate your needs for expansion.


At GoodAI, we are building general artificial intelligence, a software agent that can learn, be creative, and adapt to the environment in the way as human does. Our artificial intelligences will respond to what they perceive, and will interact with their environment to achieve goals defined by human mentors. GoodAI research and development initiative started in January 2014, when CEO/CTO Marek Rosa funded the project with $10M USD. GoodAI was publicly announced in July 2015 and is now an international team of 20 researchers based in Prague, Czech Republic.

ACE Venture Lab

ACE Venture Lab stimulates entrepreneurship among students, young researchers, university professors and alumni by offering training, support and access to an extensive network of mentors, entrepreneurs and business professionals. ACE Venture Lab thus empowers Amsterdam-based innovators to create high impact ventures. You can join the ACE Venture Lab program in different stages of developing your startup. Get a taste of entrepreneurship during the two-day Explore Program, or sign up for the biannual Bootcamp program; a full week of workshops and coaching to help you get started! The Ready2Scale program offers tailor-made support to startups who are developing into the next phase. The supporting programs at ACE Venture Lab cover all stages of business creation and development, in order to teach you how to translate your science or hightech concept into a feasible company. For more information visit: We are located at Startup Village Amsterdam, a community working space for startups.


CBR provides the latest technology news and analysis through its website and daily newsletter, as well as exclusive premium content; dedicated, independent research studies from our sister company Kable; and the CBR Dining Club exclusive networking events for senior IT managers.


Tractica is a market intelligence firm that focuses on human interaction with technology. The company’s market research and consulting services provide industry participants and stakeholders with in-depth analysis of emerging technology trends, business issues, market drivers, and end-user demand dynamics across multiple application domains including home, mobile, health, automotive, enterprise, and industrial markets. Tractica’s global market coverage combines qualitative and quantitative research methodologies to provide a comprehensive view of the emerging market opportunities surrounding Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, User Interface Technologies, Wearable Devices, and Digital Health.


Their mission is to provide Artificial Intelligence software to transform how businesses tackle their most complex, mission critical problems.

Enterprise Management 360° (EM360°)

Enterprise Management 360° (EM360°) is a dynamic and forward thinking company bringing the tech community together. The tech industry is fast moving and it’s difficult for time-starved professionals to keep up with the changes so crucial to their business. EM360° serves as a multimedia platform to produce and deliver engaging content to IT professionals across the globe. EM360° are a dynamic team of individuals who work closely together to manage, plan, produce and launch multiple campaigns for some of the world's top tech companies.

IoT Now

With exclusive analyst reports and specialist journalists, IoT Now is the leading global brand covering the Internet of Things, machine-to-machine communications (M2M), embedded devices and connected consumer devices. Delivering webcasts, bi-monthly magazines, white-papers, daily news and expert opinion pieces, IoT Now focuses on the deployment of these technologies across the enterprise, automotive, logistics, healthcare, utilities, travel, security and smart city verticals.

IoT Global Network

The IoT Global Network, is a new destination for the IoT community. The IoT Global Network is a platform where you can connect with industry experts and network across the IoT community to build the successful IoT business of the future.

The IoT Global Network will increase transparency across the industry, providing a comprehensive guide while informing and raising awareness of issues and industry regulation. With regular news and blogs from experts plus up-to-date information about IoT events around the world, the IoT Global Network is a dedicated resource for every IoT professional.


Digital Product School

Digital Product School is a unique program by UnternehmerTUM for development of experienced product makers. Students, graduates, researchers and employees of our partner companies come together with hands-on experiences guided by recognized experts to push the frontiers. In an engaging and challenging program, artificial intelligence and software engineers are teamed up with product managers and interaction designers to innovate products that users appreciate and solve their problems.

Exponential View

Exponential View is among tech's most loved weekly newsletters. It comprehensively covers the convergence of exponential technologies and society. Exponential View is read by more than 21,000 industry leaders, and has been called "the juiciest source for what's new in the world of artificial intelligence" by Kevin Kelly.