Sponsor World Summit AI



AI is “happening” because different people’s ideas and skills are coming together through trade and innovation.  With a larger and more high profile partner and enterprise network than any other Ai event this year, Summit AI will be the place conversations start and deals initiate in 2017.

Get your message out to the world's most influencial AI Buyers, thinkers and do-ers, sponsoring World Summit AI is key.

Make sure 2000+ of the world’s most influential AI professionals go home from The Summit knowing what you do well and why you’re so good at it through workshops and branding

Initiate conversations at your exhibition booth or in private meeting rooms leading to new partnerships and insights for your business to grow forward. 

Right in the heart of the summit, the interactive tech demonstration zone will pull potential clients in to play with your technology; the best way for them to see the value of it. 

Demonstrate your credibility to AI experts and show them you mean 4 business in AI by hosting events.


A good way to figure out what will get you the biggest bang for your buck is to talk to us; tell us what you want to achieve at the event, and we will show some options for how best to achieve it. Contact us at lucy@worldsummit.ai.