2 days of knowledge-sharing and valuable networking opportunities


Bringing together the 3 pillars of AI System: Enterprise, Startups & Investors and Deep Tech, World Summit AI will help guarantee fast-paced innovation and safe progress in machine and deep learning while sparking new partnerships, investment projects and tech collaborations. 

All content will be underpinned by the fundamental themes below, and need to meet the following criteria:


Can we apply it to produce results? Will it make an impact in real-life business? What are the lessons learnt so far?


Is it something new and unique? Will it open minds and make the people think?


Are we discussing innovation in the context of ensuring AI develops in the right way? Are we taking into consideration how society can absorb this exponential change?

Through presentations, innovation showcases, workshops and focus groups, the 2000+ attendees will debate, discuss and collaborate to positively influence AI, not only of tomorrow, but of the next decade and beyond.